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    A universal extendable Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA based board with VMEBus interface. Details ...
    Extension cards available for this board:

    • ELB-MEZ-ADC Extension
      12 bit sampling ADC with 65 MS/s. 4 differential inputs. Up to 65 MHz clock rate. Onboard clock, external (LVTTL) and FPGA clock can be used. Details ...
    • ELB-MEZ-SCM Extension
      Synchronisation client designed for multipurpose data exchange between multi-branch experiments. Use of this communication interface allows for synchronization of time critical applications such as data acquisitionsystems across distributed experimental setup. Details ...
    • ELB-MEZ-SMM Extension
      Synchronisations extension master is used as interface for multipurpose data exchange between multi branch experiments. Using the master extension module a star topology with three clients on each master can be created. Details ...
    • ELB-MEZ-NIO Extension
      8 inputs / outputs (bidirectional) conform to the NIM standardization. Signal rates of more than 100 MHz can be handled. Details ...
    • ELB-MEZ-LIM Extension
      32 differential LVDS level inputs with a input rate of more than 125 MHz. Details ...
    • ELB-MEZ-LOM Extension
      32 differential LVDS level outputs with a outut rate of more than 200 MHz. Details ...
    • ELB-MEZ-UIM Extension
      16 universal differential inputs. Details ...

  • ELB-VME-L2N-01
    6U/6HE 32 channel LVDS to NIM converter for VMEbus slots. Signal rate > 200 MHz.
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  • ELB-NIM-N2L-01
    32 channel NIM level to LVDS level signal converter for single NIM slots. Bandwidth: 500 MHz.
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