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ELB-MEZ-SCM Extension

The sync client extensions is meant to be used in conjunction with the sync master extension (ELB-MEZ-SMM). It was designed to provide syncronization for distributed data acquisition systems of nuclear and particle physics experiments. The star topology of this system allows multiple clients to connect to a single master. The connection is realized via standard STP network cables and uses LVPECL signals.

  • 1 RJ45 connector to connect to master extension type ELB-MEZ-SMM.
  • This RJ45 connector provides 2 x LVPECL inputs and 2 x LVPECL outputs.
  • 2 programmable LEDs allow to display e.g. operational state (via FPGA I/Os).
  • 4 NIM inputs.
  • 4 NECL outputs.